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Remote Administration Software For Small To Medium Sized Sports Clubs.

"ClubManGo" helps you to administer and manage your club from where ever you are.



A Club Administration Internet Cloud Solution

Allowing administration personnel, committee members, team coaches, team captains and members to help administer the club.

Can Be accessed from anywhere, where there is internet connectivity.

Supports Laptops, PC's and Android Tablets and Mobile Phone's

Secure Data Environment

Each Club has their own server environment and data storage on the "ClubManGo" Internet Cloud Server. Access to the your server environment is via a secure administration portal.

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Member Management

1. Add, edit and archive members.
2. Make members in-active, suspended or banned.
2. Invoice, credit note and other debtor financial transactions.
3. record game statistics per member.
4. Member photos.
5. Membership cards.
6. Email and message members.
7. Member game selections.

Fixtures, Selections And Statistics

1. Add and maintain fixtures for all teams.
2. Allocate members to fixtures via a selection process.
3. Enter fixture and player results for statistical purpose.
4. Send out fixture notifications ans results.

Practice Attendance

Real-time via the APP record members practice attendance or mark him as excused.

Online Member Applications

No more paper applications. New members apply via the clubs website. Administrators will be notified of any new applications via email and message. Once application is approved the new applicant will be inform via email.

Online Bookings

Venue and field bookings are done online via the clubs website. Appropriate administrator will be informed. A quote can be sent to the requester, once payment has been received the booking can then be confirmed and needed administrators can be notified.

Online Kit Ordering

Members can order kit online.. The order can be processed and the member can keep track of their order.

Financial, Subscriptions, Income And Expenses

1. Debtor control, income and expense. Import your bank statement then drag and drop your transaction to allocate them to the correct account. Allocate transactions to the various modules (Subs, Bookings, Kit, Tournaments etc.)
2. The APP has a module to control cash received at the club, from cash received to payouts.
3. Generates a Income and Expense sheet in excel format.


Controls all financial aspects concerning the tournament, from payments received from allocated members to paying out suppliers. It generates a full tournament costing sheet in excel.

Email And Messaging

Club can communicate with their members via email and messaging system.

Demo Club

Public portals to Demo Club. Each Club can put these links onto their website so members and players can interact seamlessly with the club.

Member Applications

Allows prospective members to apply for membership electronically. Once the application has been submitted it will then follow due process with email communications.

Booking Requests

Allows members of the public to book the club facilities. Once the application has been submitted it will then follow due process with email communications.

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