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Administration Portal – General

From this website select “Club Admin Portal” from the menu above. This will open the login page to the Cloud Server. You will need to enter your club  specific login details given to you by us. You will be prompted to enter a second set of credentials which is user specific to your environment.

A person at the club will be assigned as administrator with full access rights. This club administrator will create and maintain user logins and give rights to those users.

Yes it can, but is not advisable due to screen sizes and input output methods.  The Administration portal is tailored for a desktop environment. The ClubManGo APP has got a lot of functionality built into it that can be done in the application.

Throughout the adminstration application there are standard practices. To add a record you can either press the “INS” button on the keyboard,  click on the “Insert” button on the screen or right click anywhere on the list and select “Insert” from the menu.

To edit a record you can either press the “ENTER” button on the keyboard,  click on the “Change” button on the screen or right click anywhere on the list and select “Change” from the menu.

To delete a record you can either press the “DEL” button on the keyboard,  click on the “Delete” button on the screen or right click anywhere on the list and select “Delete” from the menu.


This normally happens when your previous session was on a different size screen and you resized your windows. Once you have logged in and before you have opened any windows, click on “File” from the “Main Menu” and select the “Reset Your Windows Layout“. This will reset your display to your current display.

Administration Portal – Membership

Once you have logged in you select “Club Members” from the main menu. A sub menu appears and you select the “Club Member List“. A member list will appear where you can do most of the member functionalities.

From the member list menu you Can:

  • View and edit members games and score statistics.
  • View and print the members statistics.
  • Filter the member list by “Current” and / or “Archived” members. (Members can be archived rather than deleted in case they want to return or for historical purposes)
  • You can also filter the member list per category.
  • Print a member list as per your filter.

If you right click on any of the members on the list a menu appears with more functionalities:

  • Insert, Change, Delete members.
  • Mark members available to play.
  • Send messages to members.
  • Send emails to members.
  • Create financial transactions.
  • View members transactions.
  • Request a membership card.
  • View the members photo (Photos are taken via the ClubManGo APP).
  • Archive members.

These are for multi member selections. if you click on a member then hold the “CTRL” key in whilst clicking on other members you will see ticks appearing next to those members. If you then select a function that has “Multi” next to them then the action will be performed against all selected members. You will notice in the small menu when you right clicked there was “Tag, Tag All and Un-Tag All” this will tick or untick the member selections.

The member list by default is sorted by “Members Name“. you can change the sort order by clicking on any of the other columns heading. For example you can click on the “Member Number” and it will sort it by descending order. If you clicked on it again it will sort it by ascending order.

You can sort by multiple columns by  clicking on your first column then holding in the “CTRL” key you can select the next column.

Most fields are self explanatory. these are the exceptions:

  • Member Name” is auto generated from the First Name and Surname field.
  • Member Number” is generated by the system. The three digit prefix can be changed in the system parameters. It then auto increments by each new member. So each member number is unique.
  • Category” and “Team” defaults can be set here. Teams are allocated to categories.
  • Subs Paid” this is updated when transactions are processed, can be manually overridden here.
  • Previous Caps” When a member has played an official game the system calculates how many “caps” the member has. In some instances you need to add additional “caps”. For instance a team plays in a six aside tournament then the member can get a cap for representing the club at this tournament.
  • APP Password” The member uses  this password with his member number to access the ClubManGo APP. This is where the administrator can override the password.
  • Allowed To Send Messages” The administrator might only want certain individuals to send messages on the ClubManGo APP.
  • Disable APP Access” Administrators can bar members from using the APP due to abuse or any other reason.

Before you make members available to play for the coming weekend, you will need to do a bit of housekeeping first. We will need to clear out all previous weeks selections.

  1. From the Main Menu go to “Games and Tournaments”  and select “Player Selections
  2. there is an option “Select Age Group“. Select your Age Group or Category that you will be making players available for.
  3. If members appear in the list below it, press “Clear Available Players List“. Now you will be ready to add members to the list for the coming weekend or week.


Now you can go back to the member list and select the members who have made themselves available to play by holding in the “CTRL” key and clicking on those members. Once you have selected the members you wanted,  you “right click” so the menu pops up and select “Make Members Available To Play“. 

If you go back to the “Player Selections” window and select your age group or category you will see the names there. If you need to remove a member from the player Selection list, right click on that member and select “Delete“.

It does not matter if you select a member again. It will not duplicate that member.

*NOTE – If you select a U13 player from the member list he will be listed in U13 age group/ category in the “Players Selection List

Any person wanting to join the club goes to the club website and enters an online application. Administrators can then verify and accept the application either via the APP or the application portal. To access the online applications go to “Online Member Applications” under Main Menu / Club Members.

Here you can post (right click for menu) the application to the live members after verifying the submitted information. Once the application has been posted an acceptance email will be sent to that person.

If you want to reject the application you can email that person then either delete or archive the application.

Do Not forget to invoice the new applicant from the member list. 

From the “Main Menu select “Club Members” then  “Generate And List Player Statistics

A window appears where you first have to set your selection criteria:

  1. Select the age group or category.
  2. Select your game type.
  3. Select the date range of games you want to include


Press The “Generate” Button. This might take a few minutes depending on your Date selection.

The list shown is defaulted first to “Batting“. You can change your display by clicking on the “Bowling”, “Batting” and “Rotation” stats buttons. Rotation stats are for clubs who use the rotation policy for their juniors.

You can then generate a spreadsheet and download it.

Fixtures / Games

From the Main Menu click on “Games And Tournaments” and Select “Games / Fixtures“. A list of games will appear.

To Create a game right click anywhere on the list of games and Select “Insert“. A Form will open up.

Normally what would happen is that we will only have basic information of the fixture and only receive the details later during the week. So to start with just to create the fixture we enter the game description, date, time and any other information we have at this stage. The rest of the information we can update before printing or emailing out the team sheets before the weekend.

Under the Main Menu “Games And tournaments” there is a menu option “Browse Opponents” where you can add or update the opponent information.

Fixtures are an important piece of the puzzle, linking the member to fixtures to create player statistics. 

You will be using the fixtures, when you are creating team lists and allocating available members in the “Player Selection“.

After the fixture has been completed you will need to enter the members game statistics. This you can do in the “Games / Fixtures” or in the ClubManGo APP.

The best way is to follow the process. The first step is to allocate members who are available to play. To do this please look at the FAQ under “Administration Portal / Membership / How do I make members available to play?”.

You will see three list boxes at the bottom of the “Player Selections” window. Having three fixture lists available allows you to 


Public Bookings And Applications

Yes they can. Links are put on the clubs website to access these forms. To stop auto spamming we use a “captcha” validator to make sure it is a human input and not an automated processes.

Once a booking or member application has been submitted an administrator will be notified by email and a message.  These administrators are setup under “User Profiles” in the system setting.

An email will be sent to the person who submitted the request confirming receipt on the request.

The ClubManGo App

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